Homemade Apple Night Cream For Skin Whitening

Night creams play a massive role in skin development for this reason you shouldn’t avoid such treatments. Its topical application hydrates your skin and increases collagen production. Additionally, it reduces dark spots and fights early aging. There are multiple night creams available in the market but most of them are made up with harmful chemicals like Mercury and Hydroquinone. These substances can cause pigmentation and lethal skin damage. So always prefer natural treatments and say no to commercial cosmetics. In this article, I am going to share with you an Apple night cream which completely based on natural ingredients and not associated with any side effect. After 3 days you will see a clear difference in your skin.

Are You Ready To Make Apple Night Cream?

There are several reasons to use apple in the night cream. Apple contains a high amount of  Vitamin A, C, and beta-carotene which play a decent role to maintain a healthy skin. Further more, apple exfoliate your skin due to the presence of Malic acid. Apple also carries some powerful antioxidants which help to fight free radicles and promote a radiant skin.

This apple night cream also includes almond oil which is good for skin whitening. Basically, almonds oil is a form of hypoallergenic oil which impressively deals with multiple skin issues such as the dark circles, tan, eczema & psoriasis. If you don’t have almonds oil, you can also use olive oil.

The third ingredient of this night cream is rose water which among the ancient beauty secrets. It maintains skin’s pH and fights premature aging. On the other hand, rose water associated with some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to fight acne scars and reduce swelling caused by allergies.

Guys, all things are supernatural and have no negative effect on your skin.

You Will Need

  • Apple – 1
  • Almond oil – ½ cup
  • Rose Water – ½ cup


  1. Cut apple into 4 equal pieces with a knife and reseed them
  2. Slightly chop apple chunks so they easily blend
  3. Add chopped apple and other ingredients into a food processor
  4. Set food processor on high and blend it for few minutes
  5. Now take a pan and little bit heat the apple night cream to increase its life expectancy (don’t boil it)
  6. Store in a jar and refrigerate it
  7. Use within 10 days

Method Of Use

  • Apply to your face and neck before going to bed
  • Massage well so the cream absorbs into your skin
  • Let it work the whole night and wash your face with homemade face wash in the next morning
  • Repeat the same procedure for the couple of weeks

Benefits Of Using Apple Night Cream

This homemade night cream has no greasy effect and suitable for all type of skin. Listed below are some reasons that you can’t afford to miss this DIY dry skin cream.

  • Remove dirt and impurities from your skin
  • Hydrate and deeply cleanse skin
  • Good for acne, pimples, and allergies
  • Anti aging
  • Reduce dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines

So what are you waiting for? Go and make your own apple night cream and enjoy its magical effects.

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