Top 10 Malaria Treatment Home Remedies That Work Fast

Malaria is one of the unsafe disorder of blood which caused by biting an Anopheles mosquito. Once this mosquito bites the human, it transfers some practices in the body which demolish red blood cells. The patient of malaria suffering from cold sensationheadache, vomitingfever, and tiredness. Malaria treatment is easy and can be cured with malaria home remedies if it discovers in its early stages. You can also take Quinine or other antimalarial pills but it has poor side effects such as weaknessimmunity lossdepression and digestive issues as well. For this reason, I’ll recommend you to go for malaria treatment home remedies if it found in its initial stages.  Without delay, I am going to share traditional malaria treatment home remedies that will surely help you to fight malaria.

Malaria Treatment Home Remedies for All Age

  1. (Chirata & Orange Juice) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Chirata also called Swertia is one of the best malaria treatment home remedies. This is because Chirata contains some antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimalarial properties which help to reduce body temperature and cure malaria. On the other hand, Orange is an excellent remedy for malaria due to its amazing nutrition. Yes, Vitamin C, protein, and calcium in orange help lower body temperature and orange itself dehydrate the body.

    You Will Need

    Chirata juice – 10 ml
    Orange juice – 10 ml


    Mix both juices together and consume three times a day.
    (Basil Leaves) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

  2. Basil leaves is one of the natural remedies for malaria. This is because holy basil contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimalarial properties which help in malaria treatment. On the other hand pain and fever reducing effects of basil leaves lower the body temperature as well. This time you will surprise to know that basil leaves are one of the best malaria treatment home remedies which used more than 300 Ayurvedic treatments.You Will Need

    Basil leaves – 15
    Black Paper – 10
    Sugar – 2 tablespoon


    Boil all ingredients in 1 cup of water, strain it. Divide the tea into three equal proportion and consume thrice a day.

  3. (Grapefruit Juice) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Grapefruit juice is one of the amazing malaria home remedies. Yes, grapefruit juice contains a significant amount of quinine which considered the best medicine for malaria.

  4. In like manner, the pulp helps to reduce fever and boost the immune system. In case you are suffering from malaria fever, grapefruit juice is the best option for the treatment of malaria.

    You Will Need

    Grapefruit juice – 1 cup


    Consume 1 cup of lukewarm grapefruit juice twice a day for malaria cure.

  5.  (Cumin Powder) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Malaria treatment home remedies are not over yet. Cumin seed is one of the mindblowing malaria
    home treatment which is used before the development of medical sciences. As a matter of fact, cumin seeds are rich in some essential oilsantioxidants, and vitamins that stimulate the function of red blood cells and boost immunity, a study confirmed. On the other hand, cumin seed help to maintain body temperature which is a positive sign to reduce fever.

    You Will Need

    Cumin powder – 1 tablespoon
    Brown sugar – 10 grams


    Mix cumin powder in brown sugar and divide into three equal portions. Consume the mixture thrice a day.

  6. (Sugarcane Juice) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Studies have shown that antioxidant and antimalarial properties of sugarcane juice help to beat infectionsmalaria fever and boosts immunity as well. On the other hand, it is a great energy source due to the presence of carbohydratesprotein, and iron that reduce fatigue and weakness. For this reason, sugarcane juice considered one of the best malaria treatment home remedies.

    You Will Need

    Sugarcane juice –  1 glass
    Lemon – 1
    Salt (optional) – 1 pinch


    Squeeze a lemon in sugarcane juice and drink twice a day.

  7. (Apple Cider Vinegar & Figs) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Apple cider vinegar is one of oldest malaria treatment home remedies. This is because of apple cider vinegar itself an acid that helps to eliminate fever and lower body temperature. On the other hand, figs contain a high amount of alkaline which helps to regulate the pH level in the body. Together apple cider vinegar and figs considered good for malaria cure.

    You Will Need

    Figs – 5 grams
    Apple cider vinegar


    Marinate figs in apple cider vinegar and consume once a day for a week.

  8. (Haritiki/Harad Tea Malaria) Treatment Home Remedies

    Haritiki also called Harad is one of the ultimate malaria home remedies. The high amount of tannin, amino acid, quinic and shikimic acids help in malaria treatment. In case you are suffering from malaria fever, Harad tea is one of the natural malaria prevention.

    You Will Need

    Harad powder – 10 grams
    Water – 100 ml


    Boil Harad powder in water, divide the mixture into three equal portions and consume thrice a day.

  9. (Alum) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    Alum considered one of the best malaria treatment home remedies due to its anti-parasitical properties. In case you are subjected to premature malaria fever than try alum for malaria cure.

    You Will Need

    Alum – 1 piece


    Heat a pan, place 1 piece of alum and roast it. Now grind the piece of alum to powder. Swallow 1 teaspoon of alum with lukewarm water twice a day.

  10. (Lime & Lemon Juice) Malaria Treatment Home Remedies

    population-based study of Nigeria has shown that Lime is a powerful element that fights malaria parasite. Yes, studies and researches have confirmed that Lime can be used as an antimalarial medication and there is no harmful effect. Lime and Lemon juice is one of the best malaria treatment home remedies.

    You Will Need

    Lime juice – 4 drops
    Lemon  – 1


    Squeeze a lemon in 1 glass of water, add 4 drops of lime juice, mix it. Consume this mixture before the onset of malaria fever.

  11. As a matter of fact, Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems which is used before the development of medical sciences. There are no harmful side effects of using Ayurvedic medicine and this the only reason which attracts me to use such kind of medication. This time I am going to share a very productive and trustworthy malaria home treatment.

    You Will Need

    Coriander powder – 1/2 tablespoon
    Dried ginger – 1/2 tablespoon
    Ajwain – 1/2 tablespoon
    Rock salt – 1 pinch


    Grind all ingredients to the fine powder, divide the powder into three equal portions. Consume this mixture with water thrice a day and feel the difference.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

These all malaria treatment home remedies are effective and work best but some precautions can help you to prevent malaria. So follow these lifestyle changes to stay active and healthy.


  1. Remove standing water around you house
  2. Improve your drainage system
  3. Use mosquito killer spray
  4. Wear long sleeves

Diet & Lifestyle

  1. Avoid alcohol, tea coffee, and other beverages
  2. Take fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk
  3. Keep away from refined and processed food
  4.  Avoid meet and sauces
  5. Drink boiled water
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Have rich carbohydrates and protein diet
  8.  Take Omega 3 fats.

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